When you are too tired of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo..2

Kagurazaka is 20 minutes from Shinjuku, I like to call this area-"Little Kyoto". There are a few temples, stone-paved paths, old Japanese house restaurants, Geisha and so on. 

 On the other hand, Kagurazaka is an area of French culture as "Institut-FRANCAIS du JAPON" is located in the area. The contrast between old Japanese culture and French style makes the area very interesting.

Unlike most of Tokyo Kagurazaka isn't too busy or crowded so you can relax and enjoy walking around without rushing. 

You can go to stylish Japanese cafes, for example "Saryo" and "Kinozen", buy Taiyaki (fish shaped sweets with sweet red beands paste) at ”Kuriko-an”. It's also a good place to buy souvenirs for friends and family as there is a huge variety of stores. For dinner or a good drink? You can enjoy fantastic miso ramen at "Kurobe", various beers at "YEBISU BAR", or you can just pick a nice Izakaya from the many small Izakaya's in the area.

Just a small walk around the area makes you feel like you're experiencing life in Japan.   

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